RegettaCanoe Brand Story

  • Inspired by the spirit of a canoeist that dares to take on challenges with well-thought planning while aiming for the balance and the comfort of consumers and preserving the essential spirit of Japanese Geta, RegettaCanoe uses innovative and creative techniques to integrate the old and the new. Founded in Osaka and well-known throughout Japan, RegettaCanoe is now bringing the simple idea of making better and more comfortable shoes to the world.


    Young and talented shoe designer Yasuo Takamoto had always dreamed of using modern shoe-making techniques to re-interpret the beauty of traditional Geta which is one of the symbols of Japanese culture. In 2005, he took over his family’s well-established footwear business which founded by his father, Shigeo Takamoto, since 1968. Based on the original products and technology, Yasuo Takamoto continues to evolve and design a new series of ergonomic footwear inspired by traditional Geta, In 2007, his first inspiration of Regettacanoe was introduced to the market and in 2012 the company had the first attempt to challenge the global market and started from Korea, and expanded the distribution into Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia by 2014.


    2015 is a re-challenge to kick off for the global market along with CCILU INTERNATIONAL INC.* with their innovative technologies and RegettaCanoe design. With the eight different unique designs and technologies and the use of the revolutionary low-carbon and lightweight REGETTACELL material as well as the Sandwich-Sole-Structure, RegettaCanoe has led to groundbreaking developments in the footwear industry. The newly launched 2016 Spring/Summer footwear further pursues the VEGAN philosophy – cruelty-free and animal-free product design and production, thus contributing to the reduction of animal suffering and of environmental pollution, without sacrificing comfort or style. Starting from the idea of balance and comfort, characterized by the unique structure designs and revolutionary hi-tech materials and in harmony with nature due to its the VEGAN brand spirit, RegettaCanoe is daring to take on challenges with well-thought planning and is going to bring a new footwear experience to the world.

RegettaCanoe Proprietary Comfort Technology

We always believe to create any strategic competence and any cutting-edge technology, the brands need to continuously invest in every perspectives and accumulatively pile up its strategic height where eventually make the brands outstanding against their competition.

With the history and experiences of creating products and managing manufacturing in Japan in the past 50 years, our company knows every detail about building up an extremely comfortable pair. In 2007 the Chairman / Chief Designer Yasuo Takamoto created a series of patented ergonomic insoles and outsoles. The patented insoles and outsoles constituted our first technology pillar and they carried 8 unique technical features which make our shoes extremely comfortable. The unique insoles and outsoles are also famous and well recognized because of their unique outlooks, like a beautiful and bold canoe.

The “RegettaCanoe 8 Comforts” include:

  1. Balanced Standing Gesture
  2. Ideal Walking Movements
  3. Foot Care
  4. Impact Absorption
  5. The Best Fitting and Stability
  6. The Unique Arch Support
  7. Health and Blood Circulation
  8. Toe Guard and Heel Guard

The “RegettaCanoe 8 Comforts”, as our first technology pillar, are mainly driven by the structure design of the insoles and the outsoles. We know we still need to further raise the bar. In 2015 we formally partnered with CCILU International Inc., who has been the global leader in terms of chemical compounding, molding technology, and advanced shoe making for 35 years, to build up a complete technology map. CCILU International Inc. soon licensed their “CELL” technology to our company and the new compound “REGETTACELL” was born. Now a lot of newly created products adopt the “REGETTACELL” compound in their insoles and outsoles. As our second technology pillar, “REGETTACELL” compound presents a chemical material technology and its conjunction with the “RegettaCanoe 8 Comforts”, which presents a product structure technology, provides a brand new footwear experience to our customers. Our customers have never wear a pair of shoes like RegettaCanoe.

“REGETTACELL” technology features:

  1. Super Light
  2. Abrasion Resistance
  3. Nano Technology
  4. Shock Absorption
  5. Antimicrobial
  6. Safety and Reliability (passing REACH / SVHC / VOC / ODOR 4 highly restrict industrial standards at the same time)

The third technology pillar came from the partnership with CCILU International Inc. too. CCILU International Inc. provided their classified molding technologies to help us create a series of products with the exclusive “Sandwich Sole Structure” design. Each layer of the soles contributes different functions according to their own definition:

  1. Insole: Super Light / Shock Absorption / Anti-Microbial
  2. Midsole: Super Light / Support and Protection / Maximum Stability
  3. Outsole: Super Light / Slip Resistance / Abrasion Resistance

This third technology pillar “Sandwich Sole Structure” represents the most cutting edge sophisticated molding technology in the industry. A huge group of technicians all have more than 20 year experiences and the investments behind the R&D process and technical operation are serious. Even the cost of a set of molds containing the full sizes is between 200K USD to 500K USD. Above technical requirements and capital requirements comprehensively distinguish us from the normal small / middle size competitors or any random ones who want to make a counterfeit. We put ourselves on the top horizon investing our brand and products with the highest industrial standards.

The fourth pillar does not come from the technology’s point of view. It comes from the core values of the brand and our visions of building up the brand. The newly launched 2016 Spring / Summer footwear further pursues the “VEGAN” philosophy – cruelty-free and animal-free product design and production, thus contributing to the reduction of animal suffering and of environmental pollution, without sacrificing comfort or style.

With the “RegettaCanoe 8 Comforts” structure design, the use of the revolutionary low-carbon and lightweight “REGETTACELL” material, the pioneering “Sandwich Sole Structure” technology, and eventually in harmony with nature due to its “VEGAN” brand spirit, we are daring to take on challenges with well-thought planning and is going to bring a new footwear experience to the world.

The four pillars constitute our latest brand philosophy and our latest product technology. It’s the efforts and investments involving thousands of technicians and millions of dollars in the past 50 years, driven by the owners and the senior management team who want to build up the brand and lead the business in a different and sustainable way. The required design inspirations, industrial experiences, hard money investments, and different angles viewing the shoe making ranging from product structure to material definition, all conjunct together to be a sophisticated strategic mixture supported by the four technology pillars. We are building up the brand and products which others have never had a chance to catch up.



In facts with above we tried to describe in a detail way how we built up the 4 technical pillars with various approaches, accumulated experiences, consistent R&D investments, and owner’s determination…etc., to protect us from competition and copy cats.


The competitors and those copy cats have no way to take advantages from us because it’s too much and too costly to chase us. If I were them I would definitely give up because too much opportunity cost involves. Few competitors and many copy cats may try to counterfiet one or two products but they will eventually realize it’s impossible to closely follow everything we have done.


There are more specific analysis on how we protect our proprietary technologies in our daily operation:


  1. RegettaCanoe 8 Comforts: The unique insoles and outsoles constitute our most valuable assets so we well filed the patents in many key countries. We have a legal team screen industrial information every day to make sure no one copies us. We have another analytics team who can trace back which factory is making the counterfeits by analyzing the actual counterfeit products. We have also periodically hired external consulting companies to help us catch the counterfeits and we offered them incentives at a fixed percentage of the compensations judged from the courts.


  1. REGETTACELL Technology: The technology owner only license / sell the chemical compounds to two footwear brands including RegettaCanoe because we paid a significant money to secure the exclusivity. REGETTACELL is also too challenging and too expensive for anyone to copy or use in the footwear products. As far as we know, in the footwear industry there is no any other chemical compound passing REACH/SVHC/VOC/ODOR tests at the same time.


  1. Sandwich Sole Structure: This is one of the most expensive ways to make a pair of shoes. Also for its technical difficulty level, only giant brands for example NIKE or ADIDAS is able to handle. Other average competitors and copy cats would just give up because they could not afford the investments and they do not have that knowledge to drive the R&D process. They do not have that patience to wait for many years until a little result comes either.


  1. Vegan Belief: This becomes a core value of the brand in 2015. We also want to drive our technology to another level by developing the Vegan line. As you know making a pair of shoes without any animal leather can be a very challenging task force because a lot of traditional consumers perceive higher product value when they buy a pair of leather shoes. We have to create a series of well perceived Vegan products every season to prove our strategic directions as well as our material selection and shoe making capabilities.


Combining the Sandwich Sole Structure and the Vegan Belief, we have successfully filed the trademark “The Vegan Sandwich” in all the key markets. This will become a precious core value of the brand and a well – established technical and trademark barrier to other competitors and copy cats.

Some of RegettaCanoe Footwear

Simplicity style is represented by white wall. Wooden floor creates a warm and stress-free shopping environment for customers. Diverse materials are applied in corners and display platform, including ajax marble, mirror, and acrylic, bringing energetic atmosphere into the space.


  • Steve Hsu founded the company in Taiwan in 1981. The main business is TPU/PEBAX injection molding products and the first client is NIKE. Till today NIKE is still one of our customers and more than half of the NIKE soccer/baseball/American football footwear (specialized in sole technology) in the marketplaces are from us.


  • The company started to identify itself the pioneering leader in the field of chemical compounding, sophisticating molding, injection technology, and assembly process.


  • Steve moved part of the operation from Taiwan to China in 1993 and renamed the company to be “Cimtex”. The company expanded its core competences into EVA injection forming field. Steve was the one to initiate this technology and create the industry, products, and demands in 1993. HBR (Harvard Business Review) ever interviewed Steve for the case study.


  • Spending 3 years developing the product, the first pair of Crocs clog was created by Steve in Cimtex in 2003. The first global brand utilizing the technology was born with Cimtex’s support. Today Cimtex is still one of Crocs’ manufacturing partners.


  • Today Cimtex is one of the most integrating companies in the footwear industry. Cimtex owns all the critical functions in-house: Chemical compounding science, sophisticated molding technology, injection forming process, assembly line, stock fitting line…etc. Now Cimtex supplies more than 50 million pairs per year to 30+ major footwear brands in the world and operates 4 factory campus in the Asia Pacific Region.


  • Wilson Hsu, Steve’s son, founded CCILU brand in Japan in 2011. The first product “Amazon Summer” won the Silver Award of the Best Designed Products in the 72th Tokyo International Gift Show.


  • In 2012 Wilson created the chemical CCILUCELL and completed the CCILU trademark (footwear & clothing) registration in 93 countries. “CCILU” trademark registration for bags, perfume, sun-glasses, and watches were also completed in EU, USA, Japan and China.


  • In 2014 CCILU footwear was sold in more than 60 countries. Besides CCILU, Wilson also works with RegettaCanoe, and several European brands to be their international Licensee.


  • Steve was from Chemical Engineering and EMBA background. Before building up his own company, he was the VP of Asia Pacific of the American company “Texon”.


  • Wilson was from Mathematics and MBA background. Before building up CCILU in 2011, he was the AVP of Decision Management Group of Citigroup Taiwan, then the VP of Key Accounts Group of Cimtex Group.

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