The World is Our Playground

  • give your kids healthy, happy feet for a lifetime. we’ve engineered PLAEshoes to follow the natural contour of a child’s foot, leaving the cartilage and fledgling bone room to grow its own way. the interchangeable tabs adjust to accommodate thinner, wider or thicker feet.

    kids put their shoes to the test. PLAE is ready for them. with our dynamic traction, we make sure little feet can feel the ground beneath them and get a grip on it. the rest is designed to elite athlete standards: super shock absorption, durable toe guards, and wicking, washable anti-microbial inserts.

    as parents, we believe kids everywhere should have healthy families, happy memories, and pristine

    playgrounds. we stand behind this belief with every shoe. we source responsible, recycled, and non-toxic materials, and make sure our manufacturing and labor is fair and child-free.


o Parents and children seeking quality footwear compatible with orthotics and AFOs. o PLAE provides a level of customer satisfaction the community is embracing .
o We offer the freshest look people have seen in years.

o The product provides high quality innovative footwear that is unique in the marketplace.

o Present kids with an opportunity to express their own creativity through product customization. o Offer adjustable fit opportunities without having to change shoes.
o Create a unique buying experience for customers.

Unique Proposition
o No other kids footwear company offers fit and creative customizable options for children.

o PLAE provided expertise in social media drives awareness and recognition more quickly than other brands. o All product is designed with superior fit, function and comfort in mind.
o Shoes open wide for easy entry.
o The shoe silhouettes accommodate variable widths, instep heights and are a great solution for the AFO and

orthotics market.
o Supply the highest possible quality for a competitive price.

Recent Plae Footwear

Features and Benefits

PLAE shoes provide a construct that can accept almost any type of pediatric orthotic and AFO device.

With the removal of the insole, a deep heel cup and increased volume is made available for these devices. With the advent alternative sized tabs, the shoes can accommodate most foot types (high arch, increased girth). The shoes have been proven to be both clinically acceptable and cosmetically pleasing to both parents and their children. The shoes provide improved accommodation to differing terrain and wear extremely well. The increased stability of the toe box have provided great comfort for the forefoot and digital protection.


o PLAE shoes come with matching TABS.

o After-market interchangeable TABS are available for additional purchase to create customized design.
o Allows kids to mix it up and select their own colors, prints and materials for any mood.

o TABS also allow for customized fit.

o Accommodates AFOs and orthotics


o No glue used on packaging.

o Water based ink for printing.

o Recycled cardboard insert.

o Bag is compostable.