High Design Sneakers! Catch KruZin's Cute Kicks While You Can

  • Alessandra Gold is our own hometown heroine, so when we see the do-it-all Miami maven on a major design-geek destination likeFab.com, props are deserved. Today her easy-breezy footwear line KruZin has moved temporarily (until Saturday, April 13) over to the hyper-curated e-store, and to reward her faithful followers, she’s slashed prices. Now her colorful kicks — which come in pinks and greens, leopard and leather — are all on discount, beautifully displayed next to indie designers from around the world.

    Since opening her 34th Street concept store almost six months ago, Gold has only grown: She has two shoe lines (KruZin and her higher end namesake line), which both cater to both men and women, and the spot is quickly becoming a destination for emerging fashion in the city. Scooping some KruZin kicks on sale is great.

Recent Kruzin Footwear

Kruzin Miami Art Series


KruZin shoes are not for the quiet type. KruZin stands for bold and extravagant designs that are meant to be worn by the confident ones. It is our mission to inspire people to find the confidence to be their proudest, in the moment and live for the Now. Being confident is having the guts to be different, stand out. Being confident is not wanting to agree with conformity. Being confident is having the guts to choose a new unknown brand. Being confident is having the guts to not play it safe. These confidence boosters are not about planning your most comfortable journey from point A to point B. These shoes are all about making a statement and striking a pose. Living life to the fullest, at your most confident. Right here, right now!! Kruzin Miami Art Series / Art Basel Project in Miami “Miami is becoming a cultural melting pot where some of the world’s most cutting edge international cultural events happen: Art Basel, Winter Music Conference, ULTRA, Miami Fashion Week… bringing people from all over the world to Miami. In three short years in Miami, Kruzin has managed to become an international bridge for art, culture, lifestyle and fashion. That is why it made sense to create a line that celebrates what Art Basel means to art worldwide.” (

KruZin stands for bold and extravagant designs


KRUZIN "changing the game "